Own Size (BTC) Mix Obfuscate Private key
Total chips 0.000 Leave chips and get voucher Withdraw all chips


Takes one chip, give two smaller chips


Takes two chips, gives one bigger chip


Takes one chip, gives fuzzy feeling of love


Takes one chip, gives more common sized chip ie. 1 BTC chip instead of 1.024 BTC. The rest of the chip (ie. 0.024) will be donated. This action is irreversible.


Takes one chip, gives private key (visible at step 3)

Deposit All Chips

Takes all unspent chips, gives voucher to withdraw them later (visible at step 3)

Withdraw All

Takes all unspent chips, gives private keys (visible at step 3)

You should withdraw or deposit all chips before going to Step 3. Once you withdraw chip, you cannot split/merge/bet/donate it.

Session ends 7 days after it was started. Time remaining 167 h 52 min
If your browser is unstable, keep this link to recover the session.
If you need to extend session (input transaction is delayed), us this link